We champion innovative solutions to social challenges


Joltage is a social change design firm that supports the creation of community-driven solutions to complex social challenges.


We believe community members closest to the problems often come up with the best solutions.  We work alongside these community members to design, iterate and incubate micro-ventures: small-scale, community-driven and sustainable projects that respond to complex social challenges. We partner with community-based organizations and institutions to fund, support and scale, when appropriate, these community-driven, proven solutions.


In the course of our work, we use and teach design thinking and strengths-based approaches, techniques, and tools that help community members develop innovative solutions.  We embrace the philosophies of

"Think Big, Start Small" and "Act Locally, Think Globally".


Check out a few of our projects below. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and projects.

our projects

Transform Lexington Market

Lexington Market is one of the oldest continously operating publicly owned markets in the country. Joltage is working with the chosen developer for the Market to engage community to transform this cultural landmark and institution.

Neighbors United

The United Way of Central Maryland is conducting place based investment strategy in local neighborhoods. Joltage is serving as a coach to help local institutions connect with community members to identify community challenges and solutions. 

Equity Centered Design

BaltimoreCorps enlists talent to accelerate social innovation in Baltimore and advance a citywide agenda for equity and racial justice. Joltage is helping BaltimoreCorps Fellows learn and apply design thinking mindsets and principles to their social change work. 

PGCSIF Co Working Space

 Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund’s mission is to build social capital and invest in new approaches to solving social challenges in Prince George's County. Joltage partnered with community members and PGCSIF to prototype and launch a co-working space for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs. Through an innovative partnership with a local church, Joltage helped PGCSIF  turn an abandoned storefront into a popup, co-working space for six months.  The learnings from the project helped PGCSIF refine its approach and investment strategy.  

Columbia Heights

Community Marketplace

Columbia Heights Community Marketplace (CHCM) was started by local community residents who wanted greater access to fresh, nutritious food and a way to build community connections. With support from the managing principal of Joltage, CHCM was able to launch a successful online, crowdfunding campaign to help support and advance its mission. CHCM went on to become an official partner of Community Foodworks, a network designed to help move the needle toward a dynamic, equitable food system. 


Joltage team members have deep lived experience working in communities, alongside residents, and in partnership with organizations and institutions on a host of complex, interrelated challenges in housing, education, health, economic equity, transportation, and food justice.  Our team members bring unique perspectives and approaches to championing solutions to social challenges.


Pickett Slater Harrington

Founder & Managing Principal 

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